Okotoks Tennis Centre Tennis Clinics

OTC has retained a second tennis instructor to teach the August special topic clinics as Scott is unavailable at that time. We welcome Denisse Giler, who is a former WTA ranked tennis player and currently pursuing her degree in Sports Education. Following a successful coaching career at various top US tennis academies, she has relocated to Calgary. Denisse‚Äôs lessons are easy to follow, very effective and fun. Her methods of tennis instructions help students to sharpen their tennis skills and to reach their maximum potential. 

This month's clinic topic is on serve return and drop shot skill development. Denisse will lead participants through instruction and drills to develop your return and drop shot skills. This session will make an impact on your enjoyment and competitiveness on the court.

OTC will offer sessions for two skill levels:

  • Intermediate players (those playing at a 3.0 level) should attend the August  19th session.
  • Advanced players (those playing at a 4.0 level) should attend the August 26th session.

Please make sure to select the appropriate ticket type based upon your playing level and the date of the session.

To sign up, register through Eventbrite. The cost is $15 + service charge ($16.51)

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to call or email us at the address found at the bottom of the page.